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INKT at Skechers Sundown Festival 2015 (Interview)


Coming this 21.NOV.2015, INKT will make their very first appearance here in Singapore! So what better way to kick of the excitement with an interview with the Koki & the band!


  • Lukai: What does the name INKT stands for? How did you came up with it?



INKT: By definition, INKT can mean a type of paint but on a deeper level, our band name symbolises our desire to colour our listeners with our fresh new colour. Individually, our musical roots are different, and we are all from different backgrounds. But when we come together to make music as INKT, we create something new and different.


  • Lukai: Fans of Koki Tanaka have always looked forward to his iconic voice as a rapper. Since his (KAT-TUN) days, with a mostly Hip-hop influenced style, how has this style changed so far?



楽曲の中にラップも入っていますので、hip hopでなければラップが出来ないという事でもなく、どこにいてもそれは武器なのかなと思っています。

INKT: I don’t think I’ve ever thought of music in absolutes. There was never a specific genre that I had to follow. There is just so much I want to convey through my music, and I think what you see now is the best way I have found to make that wish concrete. A song doesn’t have to be hip hop in order to have rap in it. Some of the songs do contain rap and I think it’s really a kind of weapon that I can use, wherever I go.


  • Lukai: What is the direction of your music changed through this band now? How does the members think of themselves being a part of the band?





INKT: I think as a band, we came together with our individual visions and emotions about the kind of music we wanted to create. We didn’t really just form the band and decide on a particular style or direction. It just so happened that we all shared a common vision and desire. We’re really close friends, and I can speak for the other members when I say we all want to be a part of INKT, even if it means ending up alone.


  • Lukai: Why choose Rock as a genre? What was the motivation of your choice?




INKT: We didn’t just come out and decide “Hey! Let’s do Rock!” We wanted to do something that would embody our passion as friends who came together to make the music that we want to make. I think that was the feeling that we were really pursuing. 


  • Lukai: Your music sends out energetic vibes for hope and freedom, a reminder to us all never to look back and keep moving forward. If there is a message you’d like to send out to your fans, or to someone feeling lost and helpless, what would that message be?







INKT: It might be that what people feel through our music also reflects the message we want to give our fans. 

There are many people who give up their dreams and lose their way. But there is no need to give up. Age has nothing to do with it. 

If that message can reach even one person through our live performances or way of life, I think we’d be really happy. 


  • Lukai: This is the first time INKT will be performing in Singapore. Please share with us your feelings for the coming Live at the Skechers Sundown Festival. Is there any place in Singapore you’ll like to visit in particular, or food you’ll like to try?

今回はシンガポールで初公演ですよね。Sketchers Sundown Festivalのライブについて、どう思いますか?緊張感とかありますか?シンガポールでは行きたいところや食べたいものがありますか?教えてください。





INKT: We still get nervous performing on stage. But at the same time, we’re really excited. I’ve heard that Singapore has beautiful night scenery and it’s one of the countries I’ve been wanting to visit. I don’t know how much time we will have, but I’d love to do lots of sightseeing!




Catch them Live! Grab your tickets now! 

Date:      Sat, 21 November 2015

Time:     Doors open from 4pm

Venue:  F1 Pit Building, Marina Promenade (next to Singapore Flyer)

Nearest MRT: Promenade (DT15 / CC4)

P.S I’d like to thank the press team for facilitating my questionnaires, this interview wouldn’t have been possible without them!