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DEPRESSION X G-SHOCK The World Tour 2013.

 “Living life the conventional way can be depressing. That is why; DEPRESSION represents breaking from boredom and standing out.”

When one would to hear the word “Depression”, you’ll often get words associating to it like “Stress”, “Misery” or “Despair” that follows on as you think further. However, in this story this particular word has its own set of positive vibes.

Admits the mundane and boredom of corporate jobs, this advertising firm has a gem waiting to shine and his name is none other than Kenny Lim.


The 36 year-old, single, upset and bored about his job is feeling very depressed. In some cases, it might sound bad, if you can imagine what could have followed on after that? Wrong! This “Depression” turned out to be more of a charm than a curse. Kenny was about to make a one of the biggest decision in his life, getting thrown into the unknown and swim with the sharks or to be left to collect dust and rot away?

Kenny and his Depressions.
Kenny and his Depressions.
Photo Credit: Justin Sim

Kenny: “It’s always difficult leaving a cushy job to chase your dreams, the stability of income and facing criticisms from many people.”

Andrew: “It was a happy moment setting up our first shop 7/8 years ago. We’re both inexperienced, and had to learn along the way. What a journey. ”

“Kenny Lim (Left) and Andrew Loh (Right) at G-Shock’s 30th Anniversary wearing their collaboration timepieces”
Photo Credit: Justin Sim
Limited edition timepiece sold at Depression, Cineleisure outlet at only SGD$199.
Photo Credit: Justin Sim

“DEPRESSION” came out as a brand that stood out significantly. Inspired by the corporate boredom of the advertising industry Kenny and his partner Andrew Loh decided to step out and mark Singapore with their fashion label in 2006.


When asked as to how the brand name came about, Kenny shared with me this: “We named our brand depression because that was how we felt at that time. It’s also a symbol to celebrate diversity. Because I think being boring is a depressing thing.”

Kenny’s journey to discovering DEPRESSION has led him through many challenges, through the people he faced and forging a strong working relationship with his partner Andrew.

When asked about how the like-minded duos were able work so well with one another, Andrew shared: “We are great partners, and we complement each other. He’s macro and biz minded and I’m good with details. So it’s not super challenging, as we both respect each other’s sphere of work.”


Taken from the philosophy behind DEPRESSION’s brand concept, it talks about living life without any boundaries or limitations; the ability to stand-out and express you is what living life really is all about.

When asked about what drove Kenny to make his stand, he said “It’s always important to be different, to stand out amongst the others; I feel that if the fashion world had no diversity it would have been upsetting and here I am today celebrating difference!”

Stella Evangeline, a local fashion blogger shares with us: “DEPRESSION brings creativity to their works. Witty in design with a strong message to deliver, this label is always bringing something new and interesting to their design.”

“The G-SHOCK philosophy guides and inspires us to be unafraid of making choices and sticking to them.”
Photo Credit: Justin Sim


The brand image portrays that of a monochromatic, intellectual and cult, the label presents each collection as a black comedy based on medical themes. Their label aims to meet the needs, occasions and aspirations of the creative professional and some titles of their men’s, women’s and shoes collections include AW12 PLASTIC SURGERY, SS13 BLACKOUT and AW13 DYSMORPHIA.

Shi Xin Hui performing at G-SHOCK The Word Tour Party in her Depression Outfit~!
Photo Credit: Justin Sim

Having attended major events and since then featured in various media including Beijing Fashion TV, Tokyo Fashion Express and Korea Fashion News. Kenny and his partner have brought together an array of collection which has seen the lights of Singapore Audi Fashion Festival, Seoul Fashion Week and Malaysia Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.

Depression Singapore interviewed by MTV Asia.
Photo Credit: Justin Sim


Just recently, DEPRESSION has made the headlines once again with their collaboration with the world renowned G-Shock from Casio, which they have launched a limited edition timepiece. A very first collaboration with a brand from Japan, Kenny has reached closer to his dreams of bringing the best of the Japanese Fashion Culture into the hearts of Sunny Singapore.

Kenny & Andrew standing next to their G-SHOCK Signature Timepiece at Casio's 30th Anniversary Tour held at Sentosa, The Coliseum.
Kenny & Andrew standing next to their G-SHOCK Signature Timepiece at Casio’s 30th Anniversary Tour held at Sentosa, The Coliseum.
Photo Credit: Justin Sim
“DEPRESSION X G-SHOCK Timepiece” Photo Credit: Justin Sim
Photo Credit: Justin Sim

Kenny: “I’m really proud of the G-shock collaboration because it is a wonderful recognition from a major brand. And Asia style collection is great for a Singapore designer to showcase his work to an Asian audience.”

In his last statement, Kenny stated what he felt his brand would become: “My hope for DEPRESSION is to inspire people to live their own dreams, to be able to live life the way they want to”

Seven years later, the former Copywriter and Art Director team is a lot less depressed, and has recently created the diffusion line ANTIDEPRESSANT™, the happier and off-season line that specializes in child-like graphic pieces with a signature geek face print.

Lukai Takashi meets the talents behind Depression.
Lukai Takashi meets the talents behind Depression.
Kenny Depression & Andrew Depression Photo Credit: Justin Sim
Kenny Depression & Andrew Depression
Photo Credit: Justin Sim


Monster Curry Food Review @ 313 Somerset.

Monster Combo Curry @ 313 Somerset, Food Republic.
Monster Combo Curry @ 313 Somerset, Food Republic.

Just before I came to try out the curry, I was referred to by a friend of mine from Facebook, “MONSTER CURRY“, I must be thinking to myself, “That’s one huge plate! The portion must be huge, so I suppose the taste of the food should be good as well?!”

My initial encounter with Monster Curry was the impression that my portion is going to be huge. Upon first sight, you might think that it will cost you a bomb. But rest assured; you’re not the only one who thought so.


The prices here are between averages from $10 and below, considering that this is restaurant-standard food served in food courts. I feel that this standard matches up to the food that you are eating and paying for.

Today, I am going to bring you through some of the highlights of Monster Curry and what makes it so irresistible!

With distinct flavours made from fresh fruits, a unique Japanese curry with a choice of the spiciness level coupled with a range of assortments. Upon inspection, the whopping plate size of 34cm in diameter is just about as wide as my shoulder length!

Introducing the “Pork Katsu Curry” going for only SGD$9.80!

Pork Katsu Curry
Monster Curry’s Pork Katsu Curry Only at SGD$9.80! (Svc/GST not inclusive.)

This is a perfect starter to begin with if you’re indecisive on what to go for on your first time. It is simple and considerably light if you would like a taste of what “Monster Curry” has to offer.

My personal recommendation to you would be to try this dish first before moving on to the others. You’ll understand how the flavors develop as you progress through each dish.

The Monster Curry Combo gives you more choices. Expect a whole range of grilled poultry ranging from pork, beef, chicken and fish. My combo came with extra cheese with a hotness rating of 2.

Monster Combo Curry
Monster Combo Curry includes (Pork Katsu, Fried Fish, Shabu-Shabu, Tempura, Cheese).

The rating of the hotness varies from 1 to 5, all different level of spiciness you won’t want to miss out on. I’ve heard that one of the spices that was used to make the spiciness of the chili includes our very own home-made Chili Padi!

What’s more? It only takes just under 3-5 minutes to prepare this amazing dish and you’ll be sure to get it fresh and piping hot!

Boy do I love spicy food; this combo is something I would look forward to get my day started out right. Every mouthful a different perspective on the dish coupled with the richness of the curry.

A recommendation for the light weight contenders out there would be to try out the:

“Fish Fillet Curry”. Made from a whole slice of Dory and breaded with the freshest bread crumbs you’ll find around. The result, an amazing combination of mouth-watering juicy fillet fused together with crunchy goodness!

Fish Fillet Curry
Monster Curry’s Fish Fillet Curry Only at SGD$8.80! (Svc/GST not inclusive.)

One of the more popular dishes would be the “Cheese Pork Katsu”, an all-time favorite amongst the teenagers.

Cheese Pork Katsu
Monster Curry’s Cheese Pork Katsu Only at SGD$10.80! (Svc/GST not inclusive.)

It’s a different and unique experience for me, considering the fact that you don’t find much place around, especially in food courts that marry two flavors of spiciness in one dish.

Definitely a place I would very much like to have a nice meal with my friends over the weekend. The ambiance is quiet and the layout of the seating ensures you get your privacy to enjoy your food in peace.

So what are you waiting for? If you haven’t already tried out, why not make a trip down to Monster Curry’s outlets at 313 Somerset, Millenia Walk or Orchard ION now!

Monster Curry
Monster Combo Curry only at SGD$21 for this Whopping Size of a meal!
(Svc/GST not inclusive.)
Monster Curry
Lukai’s First Food Review at Monster Curry, 313 Somerset, Food Republic!