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Weaver at Skechers Sundown Festival 2014 (Interview)


Coming this 22.NOV.2014, WEAVER will make their fourth appearance at Sketchers Sundown Festival 2014,  right in the heart of Singapore (their second home).


I took this opportunity to ask the members of the band what inspired them to write their music as well as hear more about their journey through Asia! Let’s hear what they have to say!


1) What are the obstacles you have faced before starting out your band and how did you overcame them?


Yuji: Before debut, we had another member who played guitar. When we were 19 years old, the other member decided to go another direction. He didn’t want to become a professional musician. We wanted to keep playing music but we were not sure how we could get over this obstacle. One day, a staff who was working at the live house advised that we should become a piano trio. This advice made us become what we are today. This advice was very important to our music career.

Toru: Without this advice we would not have debuted in Japan. We are very grateful and still keep in touch with the staff.


2) Your music talks a lot about the subject of love. One of your biggest hits, “Hard to say I love you”. What spurred you to write this song?

WEAVERの音楽は‘愛’に関しての表現が多いだと思います。ヒットソングの一つ「Hard to say I love you 〜言い出せなくて〜」のインスピレーションは何ですか?

Toru: This song was written especially for Japanese TV drama as a theme song. We read through the entire script to understand the story and got inspiration from the drama title, “Hard to say I love you”.


3) Your music also gives people hope to face their fears when approaching love. Do you have any advice for your listeners seeking out love?


Toru: Please listen to our music and lyrics. We hope our songs will cheer you up!


4) Do you have any advice for aspiring musicians who have problems expressing their feelings into music?


Toru: Whenever I met with a problem in writing lyrics, I always try to read books or watch movies to find inspirations so that would be my advice. I definitely recommend to watch more concerts.

Syota: Another approach is to stay away from music for a while to refresh your mind.


5) Lastly, do you have anything you would like to say to your fans in Singapore?


Yuji: We are really looked forward to seeing our fans, as it has been a long time since the last time performance!

Syota: We went to London to improve our English. Taking this opportunity at Sketchers Sundown Festival, we hope to have good conversation with the audience. We would like you come and see our improvement!

Toru: One of the reasons we went to London was to learn English  so we can relate to people in Singapore. Singapore is the first city we performed abroad so Singapore fans are special to us. We are thankful for their warm support and they are our motivation to learn English.

In an interview with MTV81.com, Syota explains further as to what actually spurred them to learn English…

MTV81.com: “Why did you start thinking about an overseas audience?”

Syota: “We’ve always imagined ourselves playing abroad. During our first concert in Singapore two or three years ago we discovered that we had a small, but dedicated fan base. That show made us realize the power of English as communication tool.” 

*Read more about their exciting journey and experience through London on their web column, only on MTV18.com!


Some background information about the band: 

Debuted in 2007, the 3 members formed『WEAVER』as a piano rock band and started their performances mainly at the live house “VARIT” in Kobe.

The bands line-up is as follows; Yuji Sugimoto (Piano & Vocal), Syota Okuno (Bass & Chorus) & Toru Kawabe (Drum & Chorus).

With  the inception of their first national performance, the band officially moved to Tokyo in April 2010. Their first single album “Hard to say I love you~iidasenakute~” was produced by the famous music producer Mr. Kameda Seiji. The song was featured as the theme song of the Fuji TV series “Hard to Say I Love You”.

The band’s first ever appearance in Singapore, started back in 2012 with a performance alongside fellow pop band Applicat Spectra at SCAPE Warehouse. Since then, they have made two trips, one on the same year (in September) and another when they took part in  “J-Rock Matters” for “Music Matters 2013” (which happens to be one of the world’s three largest music trade fairs).



Catch them Live! Grab your tickets now! 

Date:      Sat, 22 November 2014

Time:     Doors open from 4pm

Venue:  F1 Pit Building, Marina Promenade (next to Singapore Flyer)

Nearest MRT: Promenade (DT15 / CC4)





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