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Winners of the “Gintama Movie Poster Giveaway”

A very warm thank you for all participants of this week’s Gin Tama: The Final Movie Poster Giveaway~!

In association with Odex and Cathay Cineplexes, we bring to you this amazing show with loads of laughter and enjoyment! We hope you have enjoyed yourselves on the 17th~! ^^

NOW to announce the 10 Lucky Winners~!

1) Mizurei

2) Wen Qi Lui

3) Wei Lin

4) Cheryl Ong

5) Zann

6) Benjamin Chew


8) Lim Jia Qi

9) Kiti Sagami

10) Akiwatari


An email has been sent to each of you with details of the pick-up point!

Please keep a look out for more great giveaways and interesting contents coming your way in the month of November & December as I delve further into the heart of Japanese Culture in Singapore!

Once again, Thank you everyone for your active participation!

P.S Keep a look on “Lukai Takashi” for another giveaway coming your way this weekend! ^^


JStar by JRunway, featuring Ambassador Rachel Ang.

Today, I have a Special Giveaway of 3 JRunway Platinum Cards worth 10% off the Final Bill of your Purchase at the outlet at Plaza Singapura!

Introducing Rachel, a 24 year-old who sometimes likes to disguise as a 14 year-old~!


She is deeply in love with the arts like music and drama, with a fascination for the Japanese culture and fashion, she hopes to meet more people with similar interests!

Her aim is to Promote Japanese fashion by modeling, blogging and attending events! Let’s help her Achieve her Dreams!

The final competition, to win a “5 Day Modelling Experience in Japan Professional shooting & Fashion reception experience, Harajuku & Shibuya Tour ” !

This coming November 2013!

Today, she is amongst the top finalist as a JStar Ambassador, since May, she has already won 1 years worth of modelling appointment with JRunway during the “JStar Final Stage“.

And because of that, she is happy to give out 3 JRunway Platinum Cards to 3 Lucky Winners!

Courtesy of Rachel Ang, JStar Ambassador/Finalist.


Please visit Rachel’s very own Blog site at Tumblr!

Bringing you this Special Giveaway for all my viewers out there~!

Thank you for being so supportive, please continue to visit this site as I bring you with more updates and news on JapanXSingapore Fashion Exchanges!

All you need to do is Simply look out for Rachel Ang within this Album & “Like” all the Photos she’s in!

How does she look like in the Album?

“Wait? Is that it?…Of Course Not!”

Once you’re done with that, quickly drop a comment over below on how many times has she appeared in this Album!


YES!!! 3 Lucky Winners will be getting a Platinum Card
Worth 10% of the Final Bill when you shop at JRunway~!

Deadline of contest ends: Friday, 14th June, 2013. 2359 Hours.

I will announce the results on: Sunday, 16th June, 2013. 2100 Hours.

(*Remember, unless you have liked all her photos, you would not qualify for this Giveaway, even if you made a comment)

Click on the link below here to redirect to my Facebook Album on Lukai Takashi !