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Want to know more about how PENCILBRUSH works?

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Good News!~ 

PENCILBRUSH made easy for everyone!

Let’s take a look at some of it’s benefits shall we?


  1. Create geometrical shapes like cubes, spheres, cones, etc. with ease.
  2. Draw straighter lines without the help of a ruler, as the lines of the graphite leads help keeping the lines nice and straight.
  3. Achieve better effects and greater volume when drawing in 3D.
  4. Create even gradients with ease when shading.
  5. Shade larger areas faster.

Landscape artists

  1. Draw trees, fur, grass, leaves, sand or any natural elements quickly and easily
  2. Shade vast areas evenly, without the need to rub (such as when creating a beautiful lake or mountain side).

Portrait artists

  1. Draw different body parts like a breeze, such as shaping the nose or creating that extra glimpse in the eye.
  2. Create depth and volume with less effort, such as the volume around the cheeks or ears.
  3. Enjoy a brush-like precision, giving you the ability to draw whole muscle parts in one stroke. Muscle tones will never become a problem again.


  1. Faster sketches allows you to spend more time on tattooing.
  2. Similar to magnum shading and coloring needles. Hence it is something the tattooist is already used to.

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Why use Pencilbrush?…

Many of you might have wondered..

..there’re so many tools out there that we use on a regular basis to execute art as we see it today.

I would like to introduce to you 7 facts about “PENCILBRUSH

  1. New drawing methodeasy and fast.
  2. No need to use many different pencils1 Pencilbrush is enough.
  3. Extreme durabilitythe Pencilbrush is made out of aluminium.
  4. No more pencil shaving all over the placethe Pencilbrush is self-sharpening.
  5. Clean hands when you draw with the Pencilbrush you don’t have to rub the surface of the paper to get the right effects.
  6. Save money the Pencilbrush uses all graphite leads types (cheaper than buying new pencils), including: 0.5mm, 0.7mm, 0.9mm and even 1.3mm. .
  7. Save time & create more artthe Pencilbrush helps you save 50% of your time when drawing and shading. This means that you can do more artwork in the same amount of time.

Here’s a write-up on why you should use Pencilbrush…

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Art in Retrospective

Hi guys~!


I’m going to share with you something


2 big words I would like you to take away.

(If you happen to not catch anything by the end of this entry.. :P)

This evening, we have Mr Alexander Tarusha,

Inventor, professional illustrator and not to forget, Artist extraordinaire. 


(Check out the amazing collage of some his fine works.)

..hmm sounds like,

Pencil + Brush = PENCILBRUSH?!!

What else could be more straightforward as that?!

Well, there’s more than it than meets the eye,

lets find out more about the Founder/Inventor shall we?

(Please refer to the attached introductory above.)

Not clear? Check out this link here.

From what I can see, he is a Lazy but talented individual, 

and I believe everyone is, 

“Laziness is not a sickness, it’s a human condition where one is stuck at that present moment with an issue/problem he/she is unable to overcome. He/she might be taking a break by seemingly becoming unproductive to recover again till he/she is ready to fight again..” by Lukai/Gunnar Ong

Alexander has excepted that fact and has gone to create the “Pencilbrush..”

Only you can make the difference in your life…

..”Come aboard and allow Pencilbrush to change your perspective in the Arts.”

Check out their,

Webpage: http://www.pencilbrush.com/

facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/#!/Pencilbrush