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1st June 2015: Singapore fashion label DEPRESSION celebrates the nation’s 50th birthday with a special commemorative T-shirt collection titled ‘SG50 x DEPRESSION’.


The challenge is to create 50 different designs, and with each design available only in one piece. The team spent one year researching and developing the ideas that range from local food, to Singlish and even Samsui women. Of course, one of the main highlights would be three exclusive Mr. Lee Kuan Yew tribute pieces.



  • Kenny Lim, Designer


“LKY is the founding father of Modern Singapore and the only man I’ll ever respect. It is our honour to be able to pay tribute to him through art and fashion.”


  • Andrew Loh, Designer


“We are very proud to call Singapore home, and in fact, Kenny and I were there to brave the rain during the final send off. One of the designs is dedicated to that Sunday. And I also hope this collection will give Singaporeans and foreigners living here a better appreciation and understanding of our culture.”


To show Singapore’s diversity and rojak culture, the t-shirts will cover a wide range of styles and genres, from pop art to street wear and illustration among others. Look out for some of the designers’ favorite pieces like the quirky ‘I Love Laksa’, ‘Heartlander’ and ‘Lorong Lew Lian’.

SG50- 4SG50-6SG50-5




..and to keep it truly Singaporean, the entire DEPRESSION team, including the design, retail and merchandising departments, were allowed for the first time to contribute ideas for this project.

Each t-shirt will be retailed at $89 and will be available from July at SECTS SHOP located at Orchard Gateway #04-14. For more details and enquiries, visit or follow the shop’s instagram @sects_shop.




DEPRESSION’S ANNUAL XMAS CLEARANCE SALE. Every year in November, they hold a MASSIVE stocks and samples clearance SALE, with prices starting $10 storewide!

For 3 DAYS ONLY, prices get slashed ridiculously, and everything is discounted!

It’s definitely the best time of the year to pick up that particular piece of DEPRESSION apparel that you’ve been eyeing. Doors open at 12pm, and prices will go back to normal after the 3 day SALE. Members and Media get additional 10% OFF when u spend $100.


Message from Andrew Depression:
“Pls do Spread the Message and COME EARLY !!!!!!!!”

Date: 8 9, 10 Nov 2013 (Fri, Sat, Sun)
Time: Fri & Sat, 12pm till 12 Midnight
Sun, 12pm till 10pm.
Place: Cineleisure Orchard #03-05A

Depression X GUMMI NAILS Collaboration

Depression has brought to us yet another exciting collaboration with Singapore-based nail wrap label, GUMMI NAILS, for a special Holiday 2013 nail wrap called, Don’t Be Silly.


Inspired by a pair of dysfunctional lovebirds, Don’t Be Silly features two sets of 10 different nail wraps, a man and a woman for each hand.

“We have always been a fan of DEPRESSION®’s bold and unconventional designs. We are thrilled at what Kenny and Andrew created for our first collaboration”. Wai Xiao Wen and Shane Chen, founders of GUMMÍ NAILS.

“We want boys to start experimenting with nail art too. Which explains the deadpan, unisex vibe for our debut crossover collection for GUMMÍ NAILS.” Kenny Lim and Andrew Loh, designers for DEPRESSION®.

Don't Be Silly - Depression-01

Each GUMMÍ NAILS kit comes with 20 nail wraps in different sizes, a nail file, a cuticle stick and step-­‐by-­‐step application guide on the packaging.

Priced at SGD16 each, Don’t Be Silly will be available online ( and at DEPRESSION® store (Cineleisure Orchard #03-­‐05A Singapore 239695) from end November 2013.


Established in June 2013, GUMMÍ NAILS is starting a nail revolution with our premium quality, easy-­‐ to-­‐use designer nail wraps. Designed in Singapore, GUMMÍ NAILS takes inspiration from runway collections and what’s trending globally. Our designer nail wraps are made with love in Asia and are available online at



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Fashion TV Beach Festival


Coming this Saturday 3rd of August,
Xperia by Sony proudly presents..
” Fashion TV Beach Festival ”

Over 15 Hours of NON-STOP Fashion, Music & Party~!
5,000 attendees, 400 Million viewers worldwide (Globally Broadcasted)

With 6 Labels, 4 Fashion Shows, 30 International models, 14 DJs from Singapore’s finest Clubs and over 15,000 Glasses of Champagne to be drunk. Over 36 hours this event will see
over 5,000 party-goes throng the beach~!

GnossemArmoireInner DesireValisere Lingerie are just some of the big names that are appearing at the event this coming Saturday~!

Venue: Tanjong Beach ClubSentosa Island.
Time: 11am – Till late.
Dresscode: WHITE


FTVBF Deck (Bloggers)_Page_09 FTVBF Deck (Bloggers)_Page_11 FTVBF Deck (Bloggers)_Page_03 FTVBF Deck (Bloggers)_Page_10 FTVBF Deck (Bloggers)_Page_12 FTVBF Deck (Bloggers)_Page_13 FTVBF Deck (Bloggers)_Page_14 FTVBF Deck (Bloggers)_Page_15 FTVBF Deck (Bloggers)_Page_16


DEPRESSION X G-SHOCK The World Tour 2013.

 “Living life the conventional way can be depressing. That is why; DEPRESSION represents breaking from boredom and standing out.”

When one would to hear the word “Depression”, you’ll often get words associating to it like “Stress”, “Misery” or “Despair” that follows on as you think further. However, in this story this particular word has its own set of positive vibes.

Admits the mundane and boredom of corporate jobs, this advertising firm has a gem waiting to shine and his name is none other than Kenny Lim.


The 36 year-old, single, upset and bored about his job is feeling very depressed. In some cases, it might sound bad, if you can imagine what could have followed on after that? Wrong! This “Depression” turned out to be more of a charm than a curse. Kenny was about to make a one of the biggest decision in his life, getting thrown into the unknown and swim with the sharks or to be left to collect dust and rot away?

Kenny and his Depressions.
Kenny and his Depressions.
Photo Credit: Justin Sim

Kenny: “It’s always difficult leaving a cushy job to chase your dreams, the stability of income and facing criticisms from many people.”

Andrew: “It was a happy moment setting up our first shop 7/8 years ago. We’re both inexperienced, and had to learn along the way. What a journey. ”

“Kenny Lim (Left) and Andrew Loh (Right) at G-Shock’s 30th Anniversary wearing their collaboration timepieces”
Photo Credit: Justin Sim
Limited edition timepiece sold at Depression, Cineleisure outlet at only SGD$199.
Photo Credit: Justin Sim

“DEPRESSION” came out as a brand that stood out significantly. Inspired by the corporate boredom of the advertising industry Kenny and his partner Andrew Loh decided to step out and mark Singapore with their fashion label in 2006.


When asked as to how the brand name came about, Kenny shared with me this: “We named our brand depression because that was how we felt at that time. It’s also a symbol to celebrate diversity. Because I think being boring is a depressing thing.”

Kenny’s journey to discovering DEPRESSION has led him through many challenges, through the people he faced and forging a strong working relationship with his partner Andrew.

When asked about how the like-minded duos were able work so well with one another, Andrew shared: “We are great partners, and we complement each other. He’s macro and biz minded and I’m good with details. So it’s not super challenging, as we both respect each other’s sphere of work.”


Taken from the philosophy behind DEPRESSION’s brand concept, it talks about living life without any boundaries or limitations; the ability to stand-out and express you is what living life really is all about.

When asked about what drove Kenny to make his stand, he said “It’s always important to be different, to stand out amongst the others; I feel that if the fashion world had no diversity it would have been upsetting and here I am today celebrating difference!”

Stella Evangeline, a local fashion blogger shares with us: “DEPRESSION brings creativity to their works. Witty in design with a strong message to deliver, this label is always bringing something new and interesting to their design.”

“The G-SHOCK philosophy guides and inspires us to be unafraid of making choices and sticking to them.”
Photo Credit: Justin Sim


The brand image portrays that of a monochromatic, intellectual and cult, the label presents each collection as a black comedy based on medical themes. Their label aims to meet the needs, occasions and aspirations of the creative professional and some titles of their men’s, women’s and shoes collections include AW12 PLASTIC SURGERY, SS13 BLACKOUT and AW13 DYSMORPHIA.

Shi Xin Hui performing at G-SHOCK The Word Tour Party in her Depression Outfit~!
Photo Credit: Justin Sim

Having attended major events and since then featured in various media including Beijing Fashion TV, Tokyo Fashion Express and Korea Fashion News. Kenny and his partner have brought together an array of collection which has seen the lights of Singapore Audi Fashion Festival, Seoul Fashion Week and Malaysia Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.

Depression Singapore interviewed by MTV Asia.
Photo Credit: Justin Sim


Just recently, DEPRESSION has made the headlines once again with their collaboration with the world renowned G-Shock from Casio, which they have launched a limited edition timepiece. A very first collaboration with a brand from Japan, Kenny has reached closer to his dreams of bringing the best of the Japanese Fashion Culture into the hearts of Sunny Singapore.

Kenny & Andrew standing next to their G-SHOCK Signature Timepiece at Casio's 30th Anniversary Tour held at Sentosa, The Coliseum.
Kenny & Andrew standing next to their G-SHOCK Signature Timepiece at Casio’s 30th Anniversary Tour held at Sentosa, The Coliseum.
Photo Credit: Justin Sim
“DEPRESSION X G-SHOCK Timepiece” Photo Credit: Justin Sim
Photo Credit: Justin Sim

Kenny: “I’m really proud of the G-shock collaboration because it is a wonderful recognition from a major brand. And Asia style collection is great for a Singapore designer to showcase his work to an Asian audience.”

In his last statement, Kenny stated what he felt his brand would become: “My hope for DEPRESSION is to inspire people to live their own dreams, to be able to live life the way they want to”

Seven years later, the former Copywriter and Art Director team is a lot less depressed, and has recently created the diffusion line ANTIDEPRESSANT™, the happier and off-season line that specializes in child-like graphic pieces with a signature geek face print.

Lukai Takashi meets the talents behind Depression.
Lukai Takashi meets the talents behind Depression.
Kenny Depression & Andrew Depression Photo Credit: Justin Sim
Kenny Depression & Andrew Depression
Photo Credit: Justin Sim

Tokyo Fashion Night by BARK in STYLe.

Introducing to you, the Biggest Japanese Concept Party in Singapore!


JStar & JRunway, proudly presents to you “Tokyo Fashion Night by BARK in STYLe

The event based in a newly opened Japanese-concept club, Kyo, is the venue for this high-energy pumped-up event!

Where Japanese fashion and youth cultural inputs, gathered in one place, creating a real fashion community. Setting the tone for this conducive environment for new trends developments through fashion cultural exchange between Japan and Singapore.

Tunes showcased throughout the night were played by guest deejays from Japan;

DJ Go, DJ Mikael and DJ YUKIHIDE.

A fashion show is programmed featuring guest models from Japan; TAKU, Kenji Kureyama and HIROSHI, as well as JStar contestants and Singaporean blogger Qiuqiu to showcase Japanese fashion!!

The event is sponsored by MUCOTA and Prime Group Asia, hosts of GOLD hair event which presents Japanese hair care products.

The event started out immediately upon entering the Club. Packed at all fours of this underground Club, the atmosphere immediately brightens up upon the rich sounds of the Japanese DJ’s spinning their way.


This is also a special night for these girls right below, as they are all psyched up for “JStar Final Stage” by JRunway, a competition held concurrently with the Fashion Show Case.

IMG_2534IMG_2804 Look who we have here? It’s Natsuko from S Cawaii~!


Sitting with his Models on the left is Ken Soda, President of BARK in STYLe.


The energy throughout at the event is at it’s highest, everyone all laid back for a fantastic night ahead of them. An occasional group shot just show how ecstatic they are.

IMG_2518 IMG_2566 IMG_2551

As the crowd grows larger with each passing hours, it’s up to these Deejays to keep the beat up and the energy of the room at it’s highest! Makes you wan’t to dance right at your seats!


As the music goes, the dudes behind the counter are working at top speed to serve all their tasty patrons with thirst quenching liquors and fruit punches!



Last but not least, I bring you Namiko san from JRunway, whom has given me this great opportunity to shoot at this event! Without her, this event wouldn’t have been a success as she is constantly running up and down to get the this event going at it’s best!

Thank you Namie San!


Click here to View the Full Album on Lukai Takashi Facebook Page~!

This event marks the start for more JapanXSingapore Fashion Exchanges in the coming future, I can’t wait to see what JRunway has in stored on their next Event!

This is the 3rd Visit made by BARK in STYLe Models to Singapore since JRunway’s Opening last year in November.

Official BARK in STYLe Facebook Page.

Located at:

TEL 81+3+6407+4455 Fax 81+3+6407+4456
Mail :
【Business outline】
・ Japanese male & female fashion model agent
・ Casting/ Event Produce/ Production
・ Scouting for new faces

JStar by JRunway, featuring Ambassador Rachel Ang.

Today, I have a Special Giveaway of 3 JRunway Platinum Cards worth 10% off the Final Bill of your Purchase at the outlet at Plaza Singapura!

Introducing Rachel, a 24 year-old who sometimes likes to disguise as a 14 year-old~!


She is deeply in love with the arts like music and drama, with a fascination for the Japanese culture and fashion, she hopes to meet more people with similar interests!

Her aim is to Promote Japanese fashion by modeling, blogging and attending events! Let’s help her Achieve her Dreams!

The final competition, to win a “5 Day Modelling Experience in Japan Professional shooting & Fashion reception experience, Harajuku & Shibuya Tour ” !

This coming November 2013!

Today, she is amongst the top finalist as a JStar Ambassador, since May, she has already won 1 years worth of modelling appointment with JRunway during the “JStar Final Stage“.

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Courtesy of Rachel Ang, JStar Ambassador/Finalist.


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Fashion in a City @ Avalon MBS on the 29th June.


“Enjoy Fashion Show. Beauty Makeovers. Styling Tips. Shop. Look good. Party.”

Pop by on the 29th June, from 5 -7 PM for the Early Bird Happy Hour over at Avalon, Marina Bay Sands.

The Fashion Show & Entertainment Officially starts from 7 -10 PM, so be sure to get yourself all hyped up for a Fantastic Evening!

Watch the fashion show showcasing the participating local and overseas independent labels (which are premium designed) and walked by aspiring models. Shop for the desired pieces at the booths of respective labels at specials of S$50-S$300 for one day only.

Get a chance to look good at the styling stations by getting a makeover and be photographed.

And if you’re still in the Mood, stay on and Party ON  after 10 PM this Saturday Night @ Avalon! All night long against the backdrop of Singapore’s iconic Marina Bay Sands.

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Upon buying an Early Bird ticket through me,
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!On top of that, Guests who have purchased their tickets under my name, will be listed on the Priority Queue for Early entrance on the 29th June.!


Email with my Promo Code: “LUKAI TAKASHI

More details on the Event:
Date: 29th June (Saturday) 5-10 PM. After 10 PM – Party on at Avalon.
Venue: Avalon at Marina Bay Sands.

Ticket price:
Public S$60 per ticket
Early Bird Special (before 14 June 2013): S$35 per ticket Only!

How to get there? Click here for more Info!

2 Bayfront Avenue
B2-05 South Crystal Pavilion
Marina Bay Sands
Singapore 018972