Back when I was 15 years old, stuck within the confines of my room with this thought in my mind: “What if I could be able to experience the Life of an Artist and come out with my own Works? Wouldn’t that be something Beautiful?”

I decided to take that leap of courage to face the world and go out with my own two feet to find out for myself, just what can I do, what can I create within my environment?”

They say Art, as a generic term, could be broken down into countless number of categories. Music, Traditional/Digital Art, Photography…etc.
IMG_4694“Originality in Art is something we try to claim without Copying or Mimicking others”,

I believe it is “Experience & Self-actualisation within the Journey, makes up the Original aspect of your own Creative works, the rest is just Acceptance from the Majority.”

Therefore, I set out to explore various mediums and practices of Art with the foundation of a very strong Cultural Principle.

I chose the Japanese Culture, because I Love how one nation can live in seclusion, untouched by the rest of the world. To be able come out with one of the Purest Form of Beliefs & Religion resulting in a wide spectrum of Beautiful Art forms.

My Journey takes me through the culture one generation at a time, experiencing the modern and reliving the traditional to come out with my own creative piece of work.


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