1st June 2015: Singapore fashion label DEPRESSION celebrates the nation’s 50th birthday with a special commemorative T-shirt collection titled ‘SG50 x DEPRESSION’.


The challenge is to create 50 different designs, and with each design available only in one piece. The team spent one year researching and developing the ideas that range from local food, to Singlish and even Samsui women. Of course, one of the main highlights would be three exclusive Mr. Lee Kuan Yew tribute pieces.



  • Kenny Lim, Designer


“LKY is the founding father of Modern Singapore and the only man I’ll ever respect. It is our honour to be able to pay tribute to him through art and fashion.”


  • Andrew Loh, Designer


“We are very proud to call Singapore home, and in fact, Kenny and I were there to brave the rain during the final send off. One of the designs is dedicated to that Sunday. And I also hope this collection will give Singaporeans and foreigners living here a better appreciation and understanding of our culture.”


To show Singapore’s diversity and rojak culture, the t-shirts will cover a wide range of styles and genres, from pop art to street wear and illustration among others. Look out for some of the designers’ favorite pieces like the quirky ‘I Love Laksa’, ‘Heartlander’ and ‘Lorong Lew Lian’.

SG50- 4SG50-6SG50-5




..and to keep it truly Singaporean, the entire DEPRESSION team, including the design, retail and merchandising departments, were allowed for the first time to contribute ideas for this project.

Each t-shirt will be retailed at $89 and will be available from July at SECTS SHOP located at Orchard Gateway #04-14. For more details and enquiries, visit or follow the shop’s instagram @sects_shop.


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