Detective Conan Merchandises Giveaway~!


Detective Conan Merchandises up for grabs! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to win yourself one of these limited edition movie exclusives!

In partnership with ODEX and Cathay Cineplexes, we’re giving away exclusive Detective Conan: “Lupin the 3rd vs Detective Conan” movie posters, A4 folders and notepads!

How to Win?

1) Simply fill-in the form below with your particulars (name, email & facebook link).

2) Comment your item of choice and share with me if you’d like to see more of such anime movies in the future, or, state what kind of movies you’d like ODEX & Cathay to screen.

Example: “I want to win the Movie Poster. Please bring in more animated films from Naruto and Bleach!” 

3) Choose which merchandise you would like to walk away with in a weeks time. I will run the names of each item selected and choose a winner.


I want to Win an Exclusive Movie Poster – 10 Votes 

Voters for the Exclusive Movie Posters: 1) Sam, 2) Tim, 3) Drake, 4) Luke, 5) John, 6) Mana, 7) Quin, 8) Lena, 9) Ryan 10) Dona.

After running the numbers through random I will pick the first 5 (Item Quantity) names.

Winners are: 8) Lena, 3) Drake, 1) Sam, 6) Mana, 7) Quin 

Submission Deadline Closes on the 26th of March 2359 PM.

Announcement of Winners would be on the 27th of March 1159 AM.

Collection of Prizes will be held at Cityhall MRT Station on 28th of March 1930 PM.

So have Fun~! Happy Winning Minna~!~!~! XD


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