Alice Nine 9th Anniversary #2 LIVE! Viewing on NicoNico Live!


Alice Nine 9th Anniversary #2

「World`s End Daybreak-OKYAKUSAMA DAIICHI SHUGI-」8月25日(日)開催!!

After much anticipation and wait, Alice Nine has scheduled their very first One-man LIVE! Online Show Project which commences on the 25th of August, 2013.

The show will be cast LIVE! on NicoNicoLive, a very popular online live-feed video forum and host. This is their very first online concert broadcast throughout the whole world!

A very first in Alice Nine history, there will be 2 segments to this event. Featuring 5 hours of non-stop Music/Video feed and LIVE Performance by Alice Nine themselves!

This is a event not to be missed!

If you’re on your computers now click and safe this LINK!


Live video cast of Alice Nine LIVE has been decided.

  • Japan Time: 12:30 onward, 5 hours of continuous LIVE VIDEO & MUSIC VIDEO
  • Japan Time: LIVE from 17:30.

Alice Nine のLIVEを全世界に向けてインターネット配信することが決定しました。
[URL] ここをクリック!

  • 日本時間で12:30から、MUSIC VIDEOやLIVE VIDEOを5時間続けて配信した後、
  • 日本時間で17:30からLIVEをリアルタイムで配信します。

Alice Nine Official Website/ オフィシャルサイト

Alice Nine Official Channel/ 公式チャンネル

『Alice Nine Complete Collection II 2010~2012』
21st August 2013 RELEASE!!


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