The Contents of my Wallet, each item holds a Deep Meaning, tells a facade of my Life Story.

From Clockwise:
1) My First Japanese Symphonic Concert by “Kashiwa Municipal High School Symphonic Band”.

2) Bottle tab with “1 TKN”, remembering how I searched all over just to win tickets to Universal Studios.

3) Payphone Card, “Kodomo Card”, from a Japanese Student I facilitated in an exchange program.

4) Japanese ¥en, collected from my each of my Japanese friends over the years, reminding myself everyday, how close I am to reaching my dreams. Singapore Currency is very important to me because I frequent the Buses.

5) A Necklace I wore, holding onto something I once Believed in.

6) ESP Guitar pick, in the Hope that one day I should Master an Instrument.

7) Paper Heart Folded by my Vietnamese counterpart, which is accustomed in his hometown for teachers/seniors to give to their students/juniors as a sign of Good Luck. Paper Swan is probably the only type of Origami I constantly Practice because of the Good Wishes it carries.

8) Metal Hook from the Game Yo-to Tsuri, aka Balloon Fishing. Something I kept as a reminder to always keep my Promises.

So..what’s your Wallet Stories? Share with me!


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