World Peace?..Is it possible?

To my honest opinion, with or without conflicts within the news in relation to cross-cultural communication in a global context, it is relative that one places neutrality into emphasis rather than making conclusions based on what they see/hear/perceive.

It is very important to note that at times, conflicts occur when two or more parties have different perspectives and perceptions towards the same news. Most often it is based upon how well or how much information they receive or are able to comprehend. The conflict is a by-product of ignorance so as to say.

The situation could be settled amongst, discussions/debates/diplomacy. These are the ideal methods of dealing with the situation. However I feel, even these ideal methods can also go out of hand, resulting in violence/misunderstandings/oppression.

On a global scale, we see now, very often leaders of the world are implementing more policies/movements/aids to help promote peace/harmony/cohesion amongst the nations of the world. In the believe that when one or more gather together with the intention to cooperate/collaborate/co-exist with one another, the cultures of the world would be able to understand and communicate better with another.

It is very important for me with this believe that “Do not do onto others, what you do not want others to do upon you”. When people learn to believe that this logical/emotional quote does bring about inner peace, they’ll realise that equality amongst humankind can be achieved. 


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