Why Cosplay?…

Someone once asked me about why I chose Cosplay amongst the other hobbies out there?

The answer is rather Simple:

You know that feeling you get when you bump into a familiar face (not an enemy) along the road while shopping for materials, chilling out in town or even being where you are? 

That feeling of,
“hey~! haven’t we met before at this event” 
or perhaps, 
“didn’t we Cosplayed in the same team a couple of months back?” Or even, 
“didn’t you added me on Facebook?!”

Then you get this “Shiok!” feeling like no other, when you look into each other’s eyes, only both of you know how “Awesome!” each other look like in their Costumes
and no one else around you even know about it?

You find that, you’re able to appreciate even the smallest of things around you, knowing enough within yourself “this is good enough for me..” 

You’ll realise that you’re not alone at all. People like us are surrounded by them every day. They give you their unconditional support, it doesn’t have to be in the form of words, just appearing there and rooting for your performance/Cosplay. You’ll know that so long you’ve put in your best, you’ll be able to reap the benefits of your works, one way or another. 

Even if I would choose to move on to other activities..I will always remember this statement…

“Once a Cosplayer..Always a Cosplayer..”


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