“Synthesis” your New Friend in Full-proof Solutions.

I find the word “Synthesis” very helpful for helping me summarise all that I’ve learnt from Cognitive Processes and Problem Solving.

It refers to a combination of two or more entities that together form something new. Suggest to me that I could apply two of the skills, if not all, to generate a full-proof solution to rectify any given problem.

I would now look into I.nquiry A.nalysis I.nference A.rgumentation phases.

For example, the first step of Inquiry, gives me a pre-handed knowledge of the situation within the problem. In this process, I would already figure out the most trusted and reliable information that could be used to give me a straightforward solution.

The logical step if approached thereafter would be, Analysis, it is one step further into finding a definite solution for the problem. It involves differentiation of the information and factors in terms of relevance and between approaches (Atomistic and Holistic). It is also the skill of breaking down these findings to make it less complex to make it understandable.

Next would be the skill of Inference. It is used to differentiate factual claim and value judgement. Identification and differentiation, between variable and non-variable claims, line with the problem. Henceforth, suggesting a solution from the conclusion which is based upon evidence available and critique the limitations.

The last and final step to have a full justification of the proposed solution to the problem is “Argumentation”. Using the right amount of evidence to forming sound arguments, we could identify certain flaws and pre-empt logical inconsistencies which could deemed the proposed solution dismissal. After which to ensure any certainty from missing out, evaluation for a justification for a claim is sufficient

From a combination of these four skills, I realise that by doing so, we limit possibility of any errors or irrational/illogical forms of justification from occurring. However we must realise the possibility of human error which could subject to the effectiveness of the derived solution.


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