My Experience with Perceptual Errors.

There were a couple of instances that caused me to make such an error; however, there was one very significant moment which caused me great regret.

The Fundamental Attribution Error which I made, when I was around the age of 15 and turning 16 back in 2008, though it is almost 3 years now I can still remember the consequences that came after that quite clearly.

At that age, I had tendency to overestimate the internal, which is not as important as I realized and underestimated the external factors when explaining the behaviors of other people. This however, went out of hand. It started out when I joined an online forum and went out with a group of strangers I met soon after the first week. It was a casual yet fun and interesting experience for me; I’ve never dared venture out with a group of strangers the size of a classroom.

However, things grew out of hand when I was seen as an individual that brought too much attention to his self. I was seen as having a Self-Serving Biasand taking credit for success of having this focus upon myself and seem to cite situational factors for failure. I might have said something which has caused them to think otherwise.

I defended myself and went on to justify that my reason for behaving in such a manner, is because I was wrongfully judged upon. Little did I expect that the external factors, like the group’s perception about me, changed completely?

That was when I found out that I had made a perceptual error at that point of time which caused them to avoid me and spread rumors around to spite me.

I was young and ignorant; I took the blame to myself and went into hiding for a complete 7months away from the scene. I took me another 3years to patch up the loose ends with my friends; it was not easy at all. I must say that the approach I took caused me my friend’s; however the important fact is that I learnt a valuable lesson out of it.

I learnt that one has to take into account of the external factors and take it into greater consideration, that way; I will be prepared for any drawback that might come later on. I learnt more as I experience more of such a problem, even in class; I have learnt how to overcome more and more of these challenges. 


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