Music my Culture.

Music has always been the Soul in my Life. It has affected the way I walk, talk and eat.

Sometimes, I would say that just by listening to a particular piece, I can tell what kind of instruments were used and how was the piece arranged.

Some genres include Rock, Jazz, Blues, Bepop and Soul.

RockHas been and will always be the influence of me in both style and fashion. Rock is the free-flowing energy within every single beat that makes me feel alive. In a society where everyone is free to express themselves freely without having any restrictions whatsoever, that’s Rock.

JazzIs the sound that drives my creativity and inspirational levels, in whatever I am pursuing at the moment, Jazz can help make it either outstanding in its nature or behaves like a shadow that constantly informs me of my surroundings.

Blues Is the Laws that govern my inner soul, it can change the way I think and feel towards a particular situation. Changes its perspective, turning negative into positive, Blues makes me feel that there is always something to live for in Life.

BepopIs similar to Jazz, exception of its speed and charisma, Bepop is what makes me feel good of the way I look and the way I carry out myself. Its speed keeps me pressing forward in style and in constant motion. The charisma it carries, makes me feel important and at the same time feel needed at all times.

SoulIt is the tune which touches my inner soul, keeps me in touch with my Mind, Body and Spirit. It makes me feel more human and therefore keeps my humility level at check. Soul helps me forget about my painful memories, but at the same time, enforces on my ability to reason and understand another human being. Soul brings me to a place where I can put all these bad thoughts away and calm me down.

These sounds in the form of musical genres, represents a culture I live in that is colourful and full of Life in exuberance.

The feeling of “never giving up” and “always look ahead”, could equate to values that I keep close to me at all times.

This is my Culture. 


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