Is it important to Analyse?

When asking myself this question of whether it is necessary to analyse in my daily life in relation to whether it is important to have Analytical Skills.

I tend to analyse upon several of obstacles I encounter every second of my life. Having the ability to analyse, allows me to make informed & quick second decisions. This factor is based on my experience and my prior knowledge of that certain subject. I am able to use whatever I’ve gained along the way to help me make better judgment after re-evaluating the situation

For someone to be able analyse, he/she has to be able to examine a given problem/situation/encounter in detail in order to discover it’s hidden meaning or components/essential features that makes up its nature. He/she is able to break down these components/essential features further to help him analyse in a wider perspective.

It is important for me/one to have analytical skills. It allows us to be able to think before we react in that situation, giving us an opportunity to prevent/divert any unnecessary problem it could arise from.

One example is seen in today’s problem statement, when we were given to sets of data. Both Qualitative and Quantitative research data.

Qualitative data is derived from a visual aspect using brainstorming/mind-mapping, it gives us a first-handed view of the possible outcomes and what to expect of from the data.

Quantitative data on the other hand, gives us a more realistic approach to the possible outcomes, based on hard data that has been collected through groundwork research like surveys and feedbacks.

These data, coincides with one another and play a huge role in determining whether a certain aspect of an outcome could be compromised if the data taken was ineffective/unproductive.  These data cannot be over-conflicting to one another, this could result in an insufficient collection of data, important data might be shunned away in the debate and the focus could be compromised as well.

Therefore, having analytical skills, we are able to determine whether the given data from both sources are reliable/useful/manageable. This allows us to priorities these data based on our intention/aim/goal/purpose, which could have future implications on the target audience/receiver/outcome.

The wise decision is made when all obstacles or possible threats to the outcome could be determined beforehand with this skill, only then will we be able to gain positive feedbacks/results/data.


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