An Ideal Job.

My ideal job would be a job of which I do not have to be boss around by CEO or subjected to being ostracized by my colleges. I would have two options, one is to be my own boss and train people to work towards success. Another option is to work with a group of likeminded people with the same interest of working as a team to achieving a specific goal. I would like to be able to work back-and-forth these two options.

This job, which most probably is a talent management company, will motivate me to work without having to feel that I’m lacking any sense of personal-achievement.

Based on McClelland’s Theory of needs, I realize that I fit the description of all three of the motivation-drivers which are achievement based, affiliation based and institutional power.  

Based on achievement, I usually prefer to work alone or with other high achievers as I believe that it can allow me to attain more prominent benefits and results in doing so. I am largely goal orientated, I do not attempt on something which I do not have a set goal in mind. I usually avoid tasks where success is easily attainable as I feel that it does not justify my working capabilities. I tend to avoid tasks that are too much of a challenge as I would have taken calculated risks before considering on approaching it. I need constant feedback to monitor progress of my achievements, which gives me a sense of assurance that I am heading in the right direction and I’m not diverging from my original purpose.

Based on affiliation, I usually establish relationships by building rapport in order to feel accepted in my team or working with a certain individual. I would prefer work that includes some form of personal interaction, due to the fact that I am rather approach. I would conform to the norms of the group to have a sense of value rather than completing the task for the sake of it. I tend to perform exceptionally well in customer service and client interaction situations, based on my past experience when working in the retail line, I realized that I am rather spontaneous in receiving customer needs and enquires.

Based on power, I am rather motivated through institutional power. I tend to manage the effort to benefit the organization/company; this is evident throughout my collaboration between two companies over a span of four years. I am more willing to receive consultation and advice in order to improve on, areas that requires the observation from my team-mates or colleges.


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