Blast to the Past, What makes me a Singaporean-Chinese.

Beng Kueh has always been a favorite selection for tea time within my Family. This tradition has been within our blood for more than 3 generations.

This mold is one which my family has passed down from generations and everyone has knowledge of making the Beng Kueh. I intend to carry down this tradition so that my future generations can appreciate the goodness.

Wedding Tea cups are an essential in all Chinese weddings. The meaning it carries is inscribed on the cups itself, the word “Double Prosperity” serves as well wishes.

I wouldn’t know what the future carries when it comes to customs; however, I ever should come across with an option I’ll be sure to consider it as my ancestors have done so, in honor them.

The Invincible Blind Swordsman is one such movie that has been made with intentions to impart values, unique to my culture, to its descendants. Some values include “Do not Judge a book by its cover but study them before making your approach”.

This movie has been revamped in the 21st Century and has continued to move my heart. I believe such movies can last for eternity, simply because values are the foundation that carries with you throughout your life.

Singer Sewing Machines at the peak of the Industrial Revolution can be found in almost every household. Vivid memories of my Grandmother still linger within me whenever I come across one such. She being the head of the family carries the pain and strength of the household on her shoulders.

I’ll never forget that unity will always be the strongest bond in every Chinese Family which is a fact that will never change. Knowing that I’ve got Chinese Blood in me is probably the strongest form of bond to my culture that I have.

  1. The Beng Kueh Mold was selected as it reminded me very much of the happiness within my family.
  2. The Wedding Teacups was selected as it reminded me of a friend’s wedding coming up in the next month.
  3. The Poster of “The Invincible Swordsman” was selected as it reminded of the re-make of the movie I just watched not long ago.
  4. The Singer Sewing Machine was selected as I’ve been using them to make costumes recently.

The curation of the cultural artifacts has given me a distinct perspective to view from, through visuals and sounds, the atmosphere has allowed me to reminisce about the past and also allowed me to connect the present and future as one.

However, the experience is limited to the amount of visuals, giving a very specific and focused angle.

From what I can see, there are mainly two key factors, one being the fact that such artifacts being the pinnacle of cultures kept to serve an important reminder of our root. The other is the inferred meaning behind each artifact and how it impacts on the way we live, work and play. Such can alter a person’s perception and feelings towards the definition of life itself.


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