Above is a True Story by a Gamer, enjoy the Animation~!



I used to be a Gamer back when in my early teens,

I’d run to the LAN Shop more often or not on a School day

or when I could.

Back then, Gaming was the epicenter of my Life, which pretty much sought out for Adventures and Excitement, the 2Catalyst which fueled my passion.

Back then, as my Life progressed from Collectibles, Trading Cards, Arcade..then slowly but surely, I found that there was no meaning in Life. Gaming, then MMORPG, seems like the practical choice for me to look for friends.

You should understand that a Kid like me at the age of 12-14, 

I was Socially Inactive,

had no purpose in Life,

had no one to confide into when I’m faced with issues.

Gaming was always there.

As a Heavy Gamer, you’d require at least 1 or 2, LIFE-Friends, 

to enjoy the fun with, otherwise there’d be no physical interaction.

Overtime, a Close-friend of mine and I came across a Business-Entrepreneur-Competition, we were highly motivated and driven individuals then and wanted to challenge ourselves.

We took our Passion in Gaming and converted it into a Business Plan.

Thus,  ”Zephyr” was Born.

We got far and eventually came out Champions in school, 

we also got a Silver in the YES! Competition @ Singapore Polytechnic (Nationals).

The downside was, the accumulation in Friction and bad vibes grew and latched onto our friendship. 

Eventually, it backslide and we parted our ways.

Lesson Learnt? Passion and Drive must be managed, it’s either “YOU” or “US”. 

And Gaming? It’s Pure Entertainment, a Medicine that Pulls you away from Reality, everything over on the other side is FAKE.

Nothing is Real, you might meet Friends along the way, but how much can you really trust them when they’re hiding behind the screen.

Two important words I hope you’d take away with you after reading this far.




You need to have Self-Control in order to control how others treat you.

You need to have Self-Respect in order for others to Respect you.



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