Men Vs. Money

They say, “ the root of all evil” & “Men are imperfect being subjected to sin” how does that translate in relations then?

Business men to Business men = “It’s just Business”
Boss to Staff = “It’s just bad Business”
Friend to Friend = “It’s just too much Bus-(y)-(bod)i-ness”

Morale of the story. 

Know your role. Play your role. 
Leave money out of the picture when reasoning.

My advice is “Treasure your friends, as though they’re worth more than money itself..and you’ll be rewarded with Trust, Respect and Loyalty which can’t be bought with money.”

However, if they’re all out to take you for Granted, Cheat you and worse use you. 
Then you should take the money and burn in front of their faces.

Only then will you be able to see their Real faces.


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