A once in a lifetime opportunity for many of us to catch them live in our own country~! 

They put up not only a spectacular but nostalgic show,

Set list: 1 いばらの涙 (Ibara no Namida) 2 CHASE -English version- 3 GOOD LUCK MY WAY 4 HONEY 5 DRINK IT DOWN 6 REVELATION 7 瞳の住人 (Hitomi no jūnin) 8 XXX -English version- 9 DAYBREAK’S BELL 10 FORBIDDEN LOVER 11 MY HEART DRAWS A DREAM 12 SEVENTH HEAVEN 13 THE FOURTH AVENUE CAFE 14 STAY AWAY 15 READY STEADY GO

Encore: 16 あなた (Anata) 17 WINTER FALL 18 BLURRY EYES 19 虹 (Niji)

a total of 19 songs of their best hits over the past 20years~!

I must say the first song that made me a convert has to be “Winter Fall”.. after which “Blurry Eyes”, 2 of my all-time favorite made it to the encore list~!! 

Certainly a night not to be forgotten..

of course, to share the experience with your family (In this case my cousins),

old friends and new friends (Ninja Girls),

has made this a remarkable one for us all~! 

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