A Statement with Personal Values.

“What is my problem stays as mine & what is yours is yours to keep”

This is one of the few statements I would use to represent my personal values. I might seem pretty straight forward and somewhat use generally, however, in my context, it is not as it seems.

I’ll start off by addressing the common misconception people get when they view my statement from a general aspect. I will take into consideration that they have approached it holistically and that most people I meet on a general basis, are acquaintances.

They would view my opinions as self-centered or sometimes ignorant. Somewhat obnoxious to my surroundings and someone who is unwilling to take up responsibilities?

There are also some who prefer to remain neutral about it.

However, to those who are close to me and know me, my close friends, tend to view my opinions as being selfless and generally matured. In that sense that I am able to view upon a situation in a matured manner, able to derive solutions out of it as well as the tendency to take every factor into consideration. My friends would take an atomistic approach once they’ve started taking interest in me and would derive with those conclusions.

My statement is a representation of a value which I live upon greatly and have instilled it into my way of life. It is none other than the “Private sphere: goals and self” as derived from Japanese Values.

Japanese values are cultural assumptions and ideals particular to Japanese culture.

The 3 Values are Empathy and human relations, Public sphere: order and status, Private sphere: goals and self.

Based on “Private sphere: goals and self” value;

“Japanese have no sense of self but rather that the self is seen as defined through its interaction with others and not merely through the force of individual personality.”

It took me awhile to realise that this value I possess is similar in that sense and I’ve been searching for a deeper meaning to it. I based a huge aspect of my values to those of what the Japanese people live upon, not that I am born Japanese; I just have the heart of one.


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