AFA Zero Kiryu

Yosh Mina San~~!!!
Zero Kiryu Speaking here
..arhh..ehh??! What?! You’re Cosplaying!? …
Erm…yar..what’s wrong with that I mean… BUT? BUt! but>!? …I know..It’s been 2Years already..I’ve finally made up my mind..Gosh.. I was saying.. I’ve got it all planned out..after Edmond, Shawn and Jess.. Yup..they’ve gave me that sense of encouragement to work at it..not to forget.. partner in crime..lolz.. Well, it’s a metaphor I would like to coin..which is “Cosplaying is a drug I can’t get enough off!” .. “Cosplaying is my Life?” ..Maybe..
any line that hit’s the word “Art” is my Life!

From Edmond: I’ve been working at Goth pretty much awhile now..and I’ve only got to know him through Noriko..then after Haru’s 4th Anniversary..that I trully understand the essence of Cosplaying..It’s to Have fun being one with the Character.. I really enjoyed it..

From Shawn: Well to be honest..we’ve known..not consistently for about 2years now.. on/off.. I first got to know him when Kaile introed him to me at Streetfest‘08..that’s a long while though..haha.. then more into sharing..half-drunk..hehe.. at the CNY Gathering at Chinatown Point.. Gosh..long time..then..afew more encounters..around and about.. i’ve seen him in and out of his Cosplay.. Seen him from Town = On the way to School = Parkway …Gosh..and eventually here at Haru..awkward though..he’s still very quiet for some reason..prolly i’m abit too intimidating.. +____+” Well.. he’s a nice guy I admit. His passion for Cosplay has been pretty much Consistent..another factor I see in Cosplay .. is through this Man here.. (Bozo ? okok..)
He’s very detailed in his work..and I admire his Passion that kept him going till now.. that’s the drive I noticed also that kept Cosplaying still this day..

From Jess: Haha..Gosh..where shall I start… Hmm.. here.. erm.. Library..OHOH!! Yup..haha..actually.. I got to know her..sorta.. while I was studying @ National was about erm..8ish..and I noticed her a couple of time..First..Outside..Hot? one corner then..moved in to grab some chill I guess..and finally..I front of me, prolly a couple of tables infront.. I noticed her sense of fashion..I the sense I got interested to wan’t to know her more. Probably we might have the same interest.. (at that point of time, I was already immersed in Japanese Culture). Droped a note beside her my Surprise! She actually replied.. hmm.. then..we chat..and she left..but soon enough..we met couple of study..and I gave her a taste of my selected crusine..hha..She liked it also.. (Who says cool people can resist good food!!) haa..then, I slowly got to know her better.. but HANG on..wait a MINUTE..I recognise her Nickname..Gosh..She’s had a foot into Cosplay too..I guess Great Minds think alike..But…till this day..I’ve only regarded her as a close more no less.. I went on to study her take towards Cosplay..What got me going on was that.. She was an all rounded Cosplayer.. Wig Cut and Styled by herself, Costume Sewed and Decorated and Weapon’s Hand-Crafted..Gosh..that’s Great!.. I see the Key factor that Got most of my Convictions woken up..It’s how I see Cosplay being an Art, to have a passion accomplishing something fruitful.. that’s what I hope to achieve sometime…and I’m working at it..talking about her..She’s a nice girl.. although abit quiet.. and sometimes misunderstood (Not alot of people notices her hardwork and effort)..I hope to help her pave her dreams into complete reality..

From Andy: haha..Andy?..haha..he’s an old friend..I’ve till this date have know him for more than 6years now..he’s been there when I needed an Oniisan to talk to..Surprising said..he’s into Cosplay too!? Hmm..i’ve gotta start somewhere..I feel much more confident now..

This also gave me the strength from deep my inner soul..trap in the enigma deeper than my consciousness.. I’m targeting with my brilliance of achieving a task of preparation..that is 1 week…you heard that! One Week to prepare my debut Character..which I had earlier on bought..Wig, Full Outfit, Contacts (Not used eventually) and a Gun (Wrong Model?! =_+”). Gosh..Lot’s of unfinished business to attend too..This is Really Suicidal!!!..

Well let me go into details then..

Wig – I’ve bought my Wig from Zephyr..apparently from a Seller from the Forum.. (Name: Daijin) $65? Yup..As far as I can remember.. Gosh..It’s expansive but nevertheless.. it’s been with me untouched for 1 Solid Year~! I’ve got my Hairstylist to trim it for me.. (Kono wa Jutsu Janai…) …a simple $6 would do the trick! The rest is just pure Styling and more of my experience getting the right stuffs and method.. it’s all about the planning..haha..

This one here is taken right from the Event itself~!

This one too~!!!

The following day, Ivan, my church mate , drove me for the first time to the National Museum for my first Photoshoot~!!!

(There’re more details that i’ve missed out and I’ll update this post once again~!)


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