~Lukai’s Blown Candles~

It Ends here and Dies here, No more the Same, No more the Truth will be undone.
It Starts here and Lives Forever.
The Same unquestionable.
Truth be Distorted.

What is here is Gone Before and After and Forever.
Here Lies No Lies.
There Stood and there be Light and Darkness come be their Witness.
Hear the Truth No more the Truth.
There Lay dead be the Living and the Undead.

What is Gone be Forgone and Fortrialed.
There Shook be Unshaken.
There will be Judgement.

Trial the Innocent and the Guilt, None Shall be Spared.
Untrial the Repented and Guiltless, Spared be Undone.

Prejudice and Pride Unfolds.
Humble it Shall and Folds.
Faith, Hope and Love Transend.
Guilt, Deception and Hatred Decends.

Blow Candles Blow, be Drawed Closer, be Set Aflamed no More.


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