~Lukai’s Crossover~

“The World is Crying out for a Saviour.”

“The End is Nearing, I can Sense his Light coming.”

“The Nations of the World will Soon Cry out to Only One God.”

“For it is Said that He who Creates the World and the Universe in Six Days,
shall end it in Six Seconds.”

“His Arrival Shall Shake the whole Universe, the Skies will Tear Apart as Heaven Reveal itself,
Every Living Creature will Bow before Him.”

”” Are You Living in the Real World ? “”

” 5 “

” Are You Ready ? “

“Don’t Loose Hope” “Don’t Loose Faith”

” 4 “

” Are You Sure ? “

“You Live in Hatred” “You Live in Fear”

” 3 “

” Only Through Him You Shall Find The Answer “

“You’ll Never Walk Alone” “Don’t Forget That”

” 2 “

” It’s Never Too Late To Repent Now! “

” Do It! ” ” Now! “

” 1 “

” Just Believe! “


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