~Chapter 08Y9M14D~

Well..I’ve got to be honest with myself..though it’s not what I’ve had expected it to turn out that way..I’m pretty sure it’s got to be the best birthday if ever had..and ever wanted, so to speak..well..not everyone that I know of, can really understand how I felt at that point of time..everything was all a last-minute decision..I’ve got to be frank with myself..there’s absolutely nothing else that I can expect for..it’s just so perfect..never too dull a moment and never a moment of regret..well..to be able to put it into words..it’s just uncomprehensable..you’d never imagine it in any way better if you were in my current position and feelings at that point of time..

So..it goes like this..it was about a-quater stroke past midnight..and I’m still on the computer touching up the remains of my English Projectwork..supposedly late for submission..well it was brief I guess..never had that much of complications to deal with, for just that one computer application..the Windows Movie Maker..I tell you..that thing really sucked-out half of my life that night..I was new of course..to me..imagine if one were in my position..he’d be droping dead by now and had given up..well..I suprised myself for once..I managed to complete them just before my 16th Birthday..weird but amazing huh?..here’s the link —-> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wW0r7qnyPI8

I arrived at Borders..just after I left the bus-stop..reached to the destination that is..well..I was over at the Language section referring to a Japanese Dictionary..chacking up afew words to my knowledge..not knowing that as I left the Bookstore to meet Andre, I met another one of my closest friend, Sze How..I was surprised at first when I say him..but it was all planned by Andre himself..I was very Estatic about the outcome when he told me we’d to meet another one of my Kin at a Resturaunt called “Ichiban-Sushi”..it leaft me no words to be spoken off..I was simply Surprised and Grateful…

We had a great meal..I must say..one of the best i’ve ever had so far..all seems right..we caught up with one another..had a great time catching up with one another..I found out that in life..sometimes..even in the most ridiculous or uncomfortable positions of our lifes..when we have problems that we are unable to comprehand to..it’s these people that will always be there for you when you’re down and hurt..keeping inside one’s self will cause more problems to occur..I don’t know where i’ll be right now without them by myself..

After the ride back home by Andre..I did the most ridiculous thing that I could not have imagined doing so..I actually went back to my books..surprisingly crazy..but yes..I actually went back home to grab my stuffs to the make-shift building to get back to studying..only because the end-of-year’s are coming..and also..I did want to retake another year in Sec 3..I did so…

I was abit unsure then but..after seeing my body move as it is..I knew that I had to do it..to my way to the Container..I suddenly realised that it’s Sunday..I was totally unaware..detoured..approached to my cousin’s house as usual..she was also dumbfounded by approach..it was definately the most random thing i’ve done since I had ever a birthday…

After a few determination strikes at our books..we ended up watching the “Larc~En~Ciel” “Are you Ready? 2007 Mata Heart ni Hi wo Tsukero! in Okinawa” DvD..It was the best time I had so far spending time with my cousin..

After receiving an Sms from my sister…was informed that I was going to have a celebration at my aunt’s..just a couple of blocks away..

Well, it’s really a pleasant surprise to see my relatives all under one roof and celebrating my Birthday.. not that I was expecting any of these at all..had a great time with them..makes my feel that family is greatness and gratitude..Morover I feel blessed in the sense to open up more than I have used to..

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