~Chapter 08Y10M14D~

It’s seems like any other ordinary day..My final paper..the one which I wasted one year of this fraction of my life..the ordeal seems excruciating at first..isn’t like any which I’d set for..just wanted to get off the quadrangle as soon as possible..as expected..I’d be at home..doing nothing..the ordeal’s over but the thoughts still linger..the urge seems forever but..I know I have to be patient..It’ll all boils down till the 17th.. have to face it again..

Well, “nobody to hang out with”? I asked myself..well that’s the horrible part of being alone..I hated the whole afternoon..almost in tears..nobody picked up my calls..complied my messages..all till 4plus..I left the house..lightens the load off my mind for a while though..

That evening I was supposed to meet Ham’s brother..Abel..
Well..took a bus..got there half an hour earlier..so tried to kill time off..lucky I had my Ipod along..with Naitomea on track..Great..just great..so..as I was making my way out to the other end of the exit at the Central..out of the doors..met an unwanted/unexpected(Well should be expected and prepared for it) familiar face..no doubt my instincts wrong..had to leave the scene without getting spotted for sure..the sort of undesirable feelings surged my heart once more..I sense of deep-sick Hatred and accompanied with a desire of Love-trenched feeling..the kind off mixed feelings I’d get sick off..

Well, I’d put it to you..I had more than enough of that already..my 9th encounter?..you’d eventually get the whole summed-up sooner or later..well..ditched and left the scene..got to not give a hoot about it..if you know what I mean..went off to my next designation..Liang Court..
Saw a Ferrari right i front of that hotel..a red one..it was superb I tell you..can’t help but to say that sometimes I even surprise myself..had a quick run through the books stall at Kinokuniya..wanting to get the Nightmare magazine..had to tighten my belts..no choice…a quick look at the Meidi-ya Supermart..boy the food looks good..

Went back to the Central, approached my way to the Mrt Station..Abel arrived..finally..the impromptu gave me second thoughts about my actions..the undesired figure had left for sure..but not wanting to be too sure..went down this almost exaggerating flight of steps I had to take to reach him..

After a few converse of greetings..we went back to where I was earlier on..went on to introing him the shop..chose afew outfit..not the exaggerating ones of course..hate it too..I’d suggest he’d go Masquerade..with his figure..not to forget..has subsided from the inflation over this 4years..Thank God..great now..

Went back to Central..again..after some menacing choices of display I was most certain of an immediate disappointment..standards have dropped indeed..we approached our way to Marutama..3rd level..I once again introed him to another amazing discovery I had..he immediately fell in love with the orders..I could have swored he ordered a Kaidama(Refill)..the meal was great was great as usual..but was abit disappointed with the water..it was not as cold as it should be..hate my pictures taken in disarray..with a bad hairdo and a ridiculous expression writen all over my face..I’d had it taken again after a proper make-up..

Had a good chat with the Kaicho(Boss), noticed him from before, although was abit nervous in conversing in Nihongo(Japanese Language), I was able to make a less fool out of myself once again..I only abit confused with his command for that language..abit Jealous here..

Brought Abel over to Matsu..another clothes stall 2nd Level..I introduced to him my type of fashion and suggested afew mixed of outfits..I’m going to work out to change my entire wardrobe full of it..the clothes really had an attitude..a command for respect and admiration..not to forget, attention, it really depict my longing for good clothes..to show-off my sense of style..

We left to the bus-stop..going back home..the Bus came..unpleasantly it was, a single leveled one..had loads of fun with the PsP..till we reached our destination..

I accompanied him to the Geylang Serai CC..right next to my place..showing off his skills..I sat there for more than an hour..not moving elsewhere..looking an memorising the 5 or more sets of techniques they practiced that night..I was slightly amazed by their skills and antiquity..but what really shooked me off my seats was there sense of bondings..different from TaeKwon-Do to Akido..you can’t really tell the difference, only if you really understand what it all means..I learned alot about myself and Abel that night..

Had a late night at about 3plus..on the computer..again…I really have to..make the difference..once more..


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