~Lukai’s Redemptions~

Who I am? What I am? Where am I?
Even if life is that bad…
I still have to move on…
Because I still love you
…Friends no longer see themselves as one…
and blood turns into water…
I miss the times we spend together…
Even though sometimes we don’t get the things we wan’t in life…
Seeing the two faces of my life,
I become remoursful for the things I have done to hurt against you
…Then again..I pray..
The day when I see that faint light turn into darkness..
I won’t ever have to turn my back against you..
For you have once did against me..
Goodbye my friends..
I will seek for answers because I have once loved you..
The world would never be the same for me without you standing by my side..
I wan’t to hold your hands and never let it go..
Never to look at the point..I just wan’t you to forgive me..
Turning water into blood..
I am your friend, I am your retreat and I am always by yourside.
Fighting the rights from wrong, lets fight this war together..
I know I’m selfish..selfish because I’m not…

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