~Luka Step’s In~

Here’s the first Intro about myself..you guys can call me Jiasuten Kai (My Jap name) …or “Kai” for short..I also have a few other names I’d leave you to decide which to call me..when i’m doing Vocals..My names are Sakahiro Mikari..when i’m a whole band call me Eramthgin/Aemotian … i’m 16 this year and curently 1.7m yar..and my main supporting band is Nightmare/Naitomea..

I do Vocals for Yomi from Nightmare/Naitomea mainly all their songs..and abit of Ruki from the GazettE (Mainly Crucify Sorrow & Filth in the Beauty)..i’m about 50% or more of Yomi and probally 70% of Ruki (Which means that I can mimic their voices when singing to a certain extend)..Actually my formation of a band is not that responsive I lack everything except Vocals..I can play Guitar and Drums..Drums my major..so yar..unless I find another guy/girl with better Vocals than me..i’ll consider Guitar first..if not than Drums..hmm..I want to get into this event to gain experience before I leave for Japan to form my Major Band there..so..it might take this band to change my mind..but..I already started my research and forums to audition and form a band..but responces are not that enticing..

The main reason why I joined this forum is because i’m searching for people like me (With PHD Passion. Hunger. Desire. The same amount of passion to do so..the hunger to work towards it with the desire to do so..) and hopefully and eventually form my home band to get experience..my main plan is to move to Japan to start a band there..yar so..hmm..that’s the reason why i’m doing so..I got to know about this Forum from a guy named “SaikoMelon”..at bugis earlier on..and am surprised to find a community of all you VK followers in singapore and I hope to share my experiences and visions with you guys..

Hoping to start this tread to bring forth this new and upcoming rise of Visual Kei..i’m sure many of you guys out there are also wondering why is’nt it big here in the LionCity..well..it’s all up to us now and every one of us has a part to play to make it well known to the public and change their mind-sets about the culture (Which the would usually refer us to gays or lunatics) which is very true here now right at this very moment..i’m fighting for the rights for this to be an accepted culture here and hope that people would change their mind-sets about us..

Sometimes people get mistaken to us being “EMO’S” but I think their absolutely wrong..we are Gothic in our roots which in fact is way before the punk and emo culture..we have a very strong foundation that compared to them, it’s like a comparing a little hut to a Giant Castle..we have more style,more history,better music and more expressive..

I feel for all you Vk Supporters and I just wan’t to say that even your not Japanese but you are strong belivers..I would most probally give you the same amount of respect I do to every single one of the VK Artistes..so be confident and go show to the Singaporeans that we are not some bunch of brads..but ..up and coming Visual Kei Artistes!!!

Here’s my Introductry of my main supporting band..Nightmare/NaitomeaPlease Enjoy! =)

I feel Nightmare is the best i’ve heard so far..although I could almost agree tat X-Japan, Malice Mizer, Alice Nine, Luna Sea, Luinspear, Raphael, Gazette, Dir En Grey, Vidoll, Siam Shade…among the few i’ve heard so far..I think all of the Visual Kei Bands are great and Special, in terms of their creativity,style,talent and music combination (there are other variables to add on)…none of the Band should be compared against especially when the Genres here is Visual Kei ..not to mention the artistes… Nightmare is in my most interest right now..the are very creative also..Yomi is not an average vocalist here..he picks up the Visual Kei language and tongue very well ..Sakito is so good with the Guitar, he should be as good as the G3..Hitsugi, picks up the fashion tradition of Visual Kei very well, his keeping the tradition so as to say like preserving tat culture..Ni~ya is a very powerful Bassist..his able to perform it to make it being able to be heard from the songs..some other songs does not have that much clear of a bassist..Ruka is probably the most matured and experienced from the rest..his drumming exceed well beyond an average drummer..as his originally from Luinspear, he has alot of experience uphand..

One things for sure..Nightmare’s Style and Music are very original and it keeps getting better and better..=)P.S Try listening to their songs like Cloudy Dayz,Alumina,The World,Jaishin to Bara,LivEvil,Gainism Shichi and not to forget Raison D’etre..for beginners..trust me ..it keeps getting better later on..

Here are some of the recommended ones you shloud try listning to get a wider picture of what Nightmare/Naitomea is..try imagining how many of the genres you can pickup while listening..one things for sure..there are lots of improvisation included..don’t get too awkward..finsish it at one one go would change your mind..

Alice – Alumina – Criminal Baby – 18Years – Gianism Shichi -LivEvil – Message – Neoteny – Varuna – Cloudy Dayz -Crevasse – Konoha – Dasei Boogie – HATE – Shian – Jibun no Hana – Akane – Tokyo Shounen – Kuyuru – Believe – Jaishin to Bara – Raison D’etre – The World – Mahora – Gianism Roku – Black Sick Spider – Morpho …lots and lots more…try..listening to this few..trust me..it’ll change your mind bout Nightmare/Naitomea altogether..Ijanai! …=)

Here’s my View on Visual Kei as of now..Visual Kei to my opinion is more about how Visualist Artistes portray themselves to the public in their Idealisation and become accepted as a whole..it’s not realli true tat it is fast becoming a dying culture, i’m saying..the way people in the forums these days expressing their feelings and opinions about the newer generation of Vk bands makes it sound like Vk is dyin or even worse..turning into something much more different..which by my point of view for now is “NO”…bands still carry the tradition, I would like to say..only those Socially Inept people would think otherwise..

Here in Singapore..the reason why Visual kei is not really accepted is because Singaporeans are either not used to it or by my suspicition..puposely ignore it..not trying to bring up what happened to us during the war..I believe there are still many of them whom still bears that same grudge and not looking at the big picture..they are as I would like to simpify it..not matured in their idealisation and beliefs..
..but for me over here…i am not affected or supporting their grudge..i’ve looked it at a bigger picture and found out tat it is not entirely the Japanese fault..partley ours..
I therefore chose to folow the “Vk Path” ..Visual kei if you are not aware off , has another meaning of refering “to a movement among Japanese musicians,that is characterized by the use of eccentric, sometimes flamboyant looks” ..but to my conclusion..a form of expression and portrayal of ones feelings,desires,dreams and forming them into a form of art…making it a part of them as Visual Artistes
…If you are willing to form a band with me..Pls Pm me …I’ll be most pleased to clear your doubts and worries..and be glad to accept you as part of my Band..Jaa~Ne..=)


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