~Luka’s Impressions~

I’m leaving to do some soul-searching, don’t know about other’s feelings towards me but that’s the way I am..anybody whom is kind towards me, able to reply me in a friendly manner when I talk to them is my friend and I would treasure every single one of them even if they feel otherwise against me. Don’t ask me why but that’s how I am, and you cannot tell me that I have to change to suit you cause you have no authority to do so as you have to make me respect you first before me showing respect in return

..it’s basic courtesy and you cannot deny that..no nonsense or bullshit cause no one has the right to judge anyone, to each his own, I feel that everyone is accounted towards themselves and no one should or can ever stop them from thinking that way. I am therefore “overly friendly” at times and have felt betrayed at times when :”THEY”: tell me that I have offended them in any form of ways. I tell them that it’s “BULLSHIT”, to be even more certain, they are also not as justified as they think themselves of when they try to judge against other people.

It’s a living term which everyone in the natural world right now (Which means normal human beings living in this world in terms of majority)would group that as being in a Superior state of mind,arogant,proud,perfect-beings. It is in fact a definate fact that maturity cannot be judge by age, nobody can deny that, cause nobody can read one’s mind. If anybody tries to judge other people, it would mean that he/she is being the upper-classmen.

I’ve heard enough crap since I’ve been in this forum and am deciding to take a break to reflect if I have ever done anything wrong to anybody. This message is for eveyone’s concern “Have I every done anything hurtful to you? Think about it..” “To each his/her own , My life can be opened to accept you as a friend If you wan’t to ,but not to be taken advantage off..don’t think I look easily bullied off”.I have done my fair/if not overexceedly share of friendlyness, it’s time that I should receive some,If not all back…


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